7 Auto Insurance coverage Tips

Driving in Florida can be challenging, especially during the summer months during the strong afternoon thunderstorms.

florida-insuranceHere are 6 auto insurance coverage tips:

1. Look at raising your deductible

A higher deductible means a lower premium. If you can afford a lower deductible, it makes sense to go for the lower one. If you’re in a position where you can’t fork out the extra money in an accident, then you may need to keep the lower deductible.

2. Older Auto – Drop comprehensive / collision protection.

If your car is not worth much, why pay for comprehensive and collision insurance protection. You can check out a myriad of online websites to find out how much your vehicle is worth, like the Kelly Blue Book. Furthermore your insurance broker may be able to pull up the real worth of your car.

3. Enjoy lower premiums for driving less

Some automobile insurers will provide discounts if you drive less than a specific number of miles in a year, or drive less than a particular distance to work.

4. Moving? Consider insurance coverage costs.

If you’re moving, it’s a good idea to call your insurance representative and get a quote on the insurance costs in the brand-new city or state if you are thinking about moving. Some areas are a lot more expensive than others, even if it’s only a mile difference.

5. Make sure your vehicle is properly listed by your insurance representative.

Numerous manufactures offer somewhat similar design names for cars, but insurance costs may differ. If they list it as a 4 door but you actually own a 2 door, or they list entirely the wrong model, it can affect your automobile insurance coverage quote.

6. Have your insurance agent check other insurance company discount rates.

A lot of companies will offer discounts if you and your spouse are insured with the same insurance company. In addition, if you seek home insurance, life insurance, and auto insurance from the same insurer, you will likely get some discounts. Check with your insurance agent on different discounts to save some cash.

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